BioProfiling: Help


We would recomend you to read method description before using BioProfiling.


To start computation:

  • Attach gene list a
  • Attach gene list b
  • Select Organism
  • Attach reference gene set (Optional)
  • Press submit button

List Size

Please note that there are requirements for the minimal size of your lists:

  • Size of gene list a: at least 1 gene
  • Size of gene list b: at least 5 genes
  • File Format

    You need to prepare files with genes: compile genes into a text file with 1 id per line. See examples to download sample files with gene lists.

    Example: (file with genes)

    Gene/Protein IDs

    BioProfiling supports:

    • Gene Symbols
    • UniProt/Swiss-Prot IDs
    • UniGene IDs
    • Ensembl IDs
    • RefSeq IDs

    Reference set

    For a proper statistical analysis we recommend you to submit a reference gene set:
    all genes from the chip/platform used to select list b (see details) .