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To start computation you need to provide two gene lists. More details about the tool you can find here .

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Attach "text files" with a gene/protein IDs(one gene ID per line)help.
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Attach a text file with a gene/protein IDs(one gene ID per line)help.
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File format!!

Please, check that you are submitting "text files" with one gene Id per line.

Gene and Protein IDs

BioProfiling supports: Gene Symbols, UniProt/Swiss-Prot IDs, UniGene IDs, Ensembl IDs, RefSeq IDs.

Example Links

Novel functionality of BioProfiling can be useful for analysis of data produced by multi-omics studies, gene knocked-out studies, gene silenced studies. The table below provides examples of BioProfiling output.

Example Type Example Paper BioProfiling Results Download list a: Download list b:
Multi-omics study DNMT3AR882H mutant mice view hypomethylated genes upregulated genes
Knocked-out study TAp73 deficient mice view TAp73 upregulated genes