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Analysis of epigenetic modifications (hypo/hyper methylated) and gene expression (differentially expressed genes) is common experimental strategy. In a recent study, Chen and colleagues have profiled transcriptome and DNA methylome of leukemic cells generated in DNMT3AR882H mutant mice. Epigenetic and expression profiling of cells derived from DNMT3AR882H/+ and DNMT3A+/+ mice results in 1087 hypomethylated and 1328 upregulated genes. The overlap between the two lists (79 genes) is insignificant (p-value ~0.3) and does not support that gene lists are dependent.

BioProfiling results demonstrate that reported hypomethylated (list "a") and upregulated (list "b") genes are significantly functionally related. In fact, using Intact as reference network we found out that ~ 300 hypomethylated genes have statistically significant connectivity with upregulated genes (even after adjustment for multiple testing with FDR).

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Organism: MOUSE (TAX_ID: 10090 )

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